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Add a message: Dear Helen,  

please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to your message.
Many thanks for your kind offer of a wall hanging for our ward, here at Rowan Lea, Cross Lane Hospital in Scarborough. We would be very pleased to accept your donation. I am the Activity coordinator for the ward and an enthusiastic maker myself. I would gladly take responsibility for making sure the piece is displayed properly. It's probable that we would need to display it in a protective display case, for hygiene and cleaning regulations, as everything must be able to be wiped down. We also have a sister ward, Springwood - at Malton Hospital, for Dementia patients, which includes a Namaste sensory room. Thinking of the sensory and tactile qualities of your work, I think we have several possible places we might display the piece to make the most benefit for everyone. I am now about to go on annual leave for a week, returning to work Tuesday 20th Feb. Perhaps you would like to discuss further once I return from leave? 

Kind regards,
Karen Wheelhouse.

Dear Karen, Thank you x x x.  I will be delighted to report to our members that the wall hanging will be going to such a wonderful new home. As you say, let’s talk about details when you return from holiday. It may be possible for the group to make a donation towards the cost of a display case. Have a great holiday, and I’ll look forward to talking on your return.

With thanks and much love 
Helen Birmingham

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