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This month we are looking at the effects you can achieve by adding a bead, or a cluster of beads, to your textile work. Beads can be used in addition, as an alternative, or as a contrast,  to decorative stitches like French knots or bullion stitches.


I will talk a bit about my  LOVE/HATE relationship with beads .. it is so easy to OVERDO it (!)  I hope you will see that the judicious use of one or two, not necessarily shiny beads, can make a huge difference to your work.


Of course, we all know that beads come in an enormous variety of sizes, shapes, colours and textures. They are something which you can pick up easily at charity shops … AND since one of the unique features of the Stitchbook is that the height of embellishments can be accommodated within the pages, why not have a go at adding some considered areas of beading to your work.

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